Why Winnie V Is Regarded As Not Good In Cutting Cycles?

Why Winnie V Is Regarded As Not Good In Cutting Cycles?
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Winstrol is also popular as Winny V or Winnie V. It is an anabolic steroid. It needs to be used in low dosage to decrease SHBG and increase free testosterone level necessary to build lean muscle mass.

Bodybuilders use steroids such as Winni V in their cutting cycle but there are those who add it to their bulking cycle.

Winnie V upside and downside

Winnie V works just like any other steroid available in the market. It suppresses natural hormone levels. However, adding Testosterone supplements allows user to avoid sexual dysfunction.

Actually, Stanozolol has been altered to avoid passing through your liver without getting destroyed. There can be liver damage, if it passes. Winnie V needs a valid prescription to be bought form an authorized pharmacist for therapeutic treatment. However, bodybuilders need to enhance their performance, so they buy it over the counter from underground labs or black market.

Winnie V too has its downside. It is also liver toxic just like other steroids. Adding it to bulking phase can trigger issues because this duration includes heavy dosage, which is bad in terms of toxicity. Other undesired issues are the raise in bad cholesterol level. A mere 6 mg per day dosage lowers good HDL to 30% and thus increases bad LDL to 30%. Winstrol has the potency to cause Cardiac Hypertrophy, at low doses. So, during cutting cycle bodybuilders limit their Winnie V doses.

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Winnie V result reviews

There are users, who have not suffered any issue, even when they completed their 12 week cycle. They have taken dose of 100 mg per day. Besides the pain due to getting injected, there were no complaints about any adverse effects.

Some individuals have experienced less lubricated and dry feeling. Weakening of tendons is a debatable and hot topic. Winstrol increases collagen synthesis and gives bigger tendons. Your body compensates by making tendons weaker, brittle, and prone to damages.

If bodybuilders continue to lift heavy weight, when on Winnie V then their tendons get torn apart easily. Actually, Winstrol increases collagen synthesis dramatically but ironically it reduces collagen’s cross-linking integrity, thus creating vulnerable tendons.

Plan a cycle, which enhances collagen synthesis as well as muscle mass gain simultaneously. The key will be steroids you opt to combine.

Since this compound displays less water retention property, users get great muscles. Its aptitude of protein synthesis adds to the good results. Experts even say that Winstrol holds anti-progestenic property, so it does not aromatize. Make sure to visit a reliable source for buying Winnie V, so as to greatly benefit from it.

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