Understanding the plethora of ESA’s

Understanding the plethora of ESA’s
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Taking the dog to be an emotional support animal is very common. As dog is known to be the friendliest and most understanding creature that is known for developing the most wonderful repo with its owner, he is the popular choice for an ESA, when we talk of a support animal. As an emotional support animal is kept by the one, who is suffering from any sort of psychological disability. Dogs play one of the most important roles, when it comes to helping people with disabilities.

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Medical studies have proved that dogs are known to be the most perfect solution to humans, when it comes to assisting them. Keeping a dog as an ESA has proved to give some mind-blowing resulted, as it has resulted in faster recovery of medical conditions like,  lowering down of blood pressure, low anxiety in humans, decreased depression and an enormous relief in hyperactivity disorder in humans. The emotional support dog certification can easily be acquired by the person who is suffering from any physiological disability like, phobias, emotional trauma, etc. According to the federal laws of Rehabilitation act and federal fair housing amendment act, the person who has some sort of disability has the equal right of living, hence he can simply apply for keeping an emotional support animal to help himself with assistance and overcoming several mental and emotional disabilities. Dogs help its owner in overcoming several mental and emotional disabilities, hence cheering up his mood so that the owner have a better social life by communicating it others.

Functionalities performed by an ESA dog:

There is a long list of functionalities that are performed by an emotional support dog. Some of them are given as follows,

  • They can sense any emotional trauma if the owner is not behaving adequately.
  • ESA dogs are specially trained for understanding the symptoms of various mental disorders.

If a person wants to keep an emotional support animal which will help his owner to alleviate the symptoms of mental and emotional disability, he should send a written application to the ESA organization for requesting them to allow the person to keeping an emotional support animal.  The emotional support dog certification is easily issued to person who has some sort of psychological disability, as they are the people who need the most assistance. A proper medical description of the disability is required before applying for the issue of an ESA.

Under the two laws, The Rehabilitation Act of 1973and Federal Fair Housing Amendments Act of 1988, no landlord can restrict the person from keeping an emotional support animal. The person with disability has an equal right of living as any other normal person. All that is required for an ESA is letter from the ESA organization for leading a reasonable accommodation. The tenant should establish a “no pets” waiver under section 504 and a valid physiological disability for keeping an emotional support animal and a proper accommodation. Hence should follow all the above mentioned regulation for keeping an ESA.

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